What's new in PrEditor 2.0

Version 2.0 was released on 3 August 2003 and is an almost complete re-write of the PrEditor 1.x code. The code is faster and cleaner has a number of new features. This page describes the new features, changes to existing features, and bug fixes compared to versions 1.x.

New features

Multiple project support
Projects can now have sub-projects in an unlimited hierarchy and can now have 'configurations' that can be incorporated into makefiles. Environment variables can be specified which are then passed to the shell that executes project commands. This means that you can specify INCLUDE directores etc. much more easily.

Line wrap mode added
Long lines in text files can now be displayed as wrapped.

Insert / overwrite cursor
The shape of the cursor changes depending whether you are in insert mode or insert mode.

Directory history
In the File Open / Save as dialog there is an additional 'history' drop-down that quickly gets you to any one of your last 16 directories.

Language Sensitive menu
A programming language specific menu is now displayed, which can contain commands only for that programming language.

Updated help
The PrEditor help file was overhauled and re-written in a more organised and consistent manner. There is a lot more documentation as well.

Skins support
PrEditor allows you to 'skin' it to give it a different look-and- feel depending on your mood!

Found text highlighting
Found text is hightlighted on the display now.

Crash reporting
No software is perfect - not even PrEditor! If PrEditor crashes, then it will print out information that you can then send to Thistle Software's support. This will help us to identify what the problem was and fix it.


Macro support
Macro recording is now done by recording the underlying command, rather than the keystroke that invokes it.

Search & Release enhancements
Find combo box now on the Edit toolbar.

Bug fixes

Too many to list.