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Latest release v2.1 - 27 June 2005

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PrEditor Icon PrEditor is the code editor of choice for programmers and computer professionals today. Its very name is derived from the words programmer and editor. A free trail period, and rich features list make this an ideal programmer's editor. To see what PrEditor looks like, check out the screen shots.

PrEditor is programming language neutral, which means that you have the same interface regardless of which program language, script, configuration file, documentation, or web page. With an FTP client and transparent support for DOS, UNIX, and Mac files, PrEditor allows you edit any file, anywhere. It has pre-defined syntax colouring for most languages including C/C++, C#, perl, Java, Basic, HTML, SQL and pascal, and can be easily configured for other languages and file formats.

Built-in project support allows you to organise your files the way you want, and provides for tools integration (such as compilers, HTML validators, etc.) to build your projects from within PrEditor. It has extensive menu, keyboard, toolbar customisation together with a flexible tabbed user interface, and a comprehensive help. Besides using it for coding, it is used to write HTML (this web site was written exclusively using PrEditor), software documentation, Perl and shell scripts for automating build / deliverables.