What people say about PrEditor

Here are some of the polite ones...

I am very pleased with the syntax printing for Perl, of which I have been making considerable use. -- Colin Campbell, University of Cambridge

PrEditor rules. I can set everything up pretty much how I want it. -- Erik Balin

I've been using PrEditor for a few days now, and i have to say, its the most excellent text editor i've ever used. it has all the features i've ever needed from a programmers editor, great work, man. -- Adam McKaig

All I can say is, "Excellent Job"! Wow, the best vaue for money editor I have found! In fact, one of the best editors full stop! Feels like a Windows App too, which many of the so-called bigger editors don't. I love the interface, clean and simple... And by the way, I absolutely love the syntax and syninc concept! Don't lose that one! -- Brian Johnson

I just downloaded your editor for evaluation. At first glance, it looks to be far more superior than the one I am currently using. I really like the FTP feature and the MDI screen with the tabs, as well as many others. -- Rob Mahon

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